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Beverly Nutrition D.A.A.6 XPLODE- 30 cap

Beverly Nutrition D.A.A.6 XPLODE- 30 cap
Firma: Beverly Nutrition
Prekės kodas: Beverly Nutrition D.A.A.6 XPLODE- 30 cap
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D.A.A.6 Xplode from Beverly Nutrition is a compound with high concentrations of D - aspartic acid an amino acid capable of increasing testosterone levels naturally and safely. D.A.A.6 Xplode has proven to be very safe and effective to increase testosterone levels naturally by up to 50 % noting its powerful effects in just a few days.

D.A.A.6 Xplode plays an important role in the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), growth hormone (GH ) and nervous system function , up to 50% by increasing testosterone levels in the body in a complete natural , fast and safe way.

D.A.A.6 Xplode provokes a great impact, more than 200% increase in strength, power , energy and muscle growth without adding even a single gram of fat, creating new muscle cells free of fatty tissue , that is, dry large rocky muscle.

D.A.A.6 Xplode also contains Tongkat Ali extract which produces a significant increase in muscle especially in men , this compound will produce an additional 5% increase in body mass acting at the same time as a potent fat burner . Tongkat Ali is more powerful than herb tribulus terrrestis which takes years to mature. The full development is achieved in 25 years hence its powerful benefits.

D.A.A.6 Xplode Benefits:

• Increase strength • Increase in muscle mass • Increase power and energy • Feeling of well-being • Increase of libido improving sexual life . • Acts as a powerful fat burner

Bottle with 120 capsules





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