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Vitalmax Whey Pro gainer 1 - 2250g

Vitalmax Whey Pro gainer 1 - 2250g
Firma: Vitalmax
Prekės kodas: Vitalmax Whey Pro gainer 1 - 2250g
Ar turime: Nėra sandelyje

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Mass Gainer from Vitalmax. this protein gainer helps with gaining muscle mass. 

Whey Pro Gainer 1 is the highest quality carbohydrate-protein supplement. Fast acting carbohydrates and a quality of protein. 


-Increased Muscle mass.

Whey Pro Gainer 1 is the highest quality carbohydrate-protein supplement that regular consumption while strength training will increase muscle mass.

"Gainers" are designed to facilitate the practical diet foods in this type of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are in the correct proportions. They are mainly used in cycles of training designed to develop muscle mass. Supplements should not be used in the definition of a period of improvement and weight reduction programs.

The protein used in Vitalmax Whey Gainer 1 is produced in high-tech ultrafiltration.

This method allows for separation and concentration of the protein fraction from the whey (separation from milk sugar and fat). In this way spared the main fraction is beta-lactoglobulin, and also the micro (alpha-lactalbumin, macro glycopeptides, immunoglobulins and lactoferrin), which gives the body anabolic effect. Obtained in this way whey protein concentrate has a high nutritional value and bioavailability -bV 104. It is also easy to digest, which causes the body to digest uses the minimum amount of energy and amino acids contained in the faster way to the muscles.

The portion is 40g in 300ml water mix or milk.

Use 2 portions a day between meals.

Energy: 144kcal

Protein: 5,1g

Carbohydrates: 30,3g

Fat: 0.3g

Potassium: 500 mg

Magnesium: 54mg

Vitamin C: 12,68mg

Vitamin E: 1,96mg

Niacin: 3.8mg

Pantothenic acid: 1,4mg

Vitamin B6: 0,52mg

Thiamine: 0,36mg

Riboflavin: 0,34mg

Folate: 0,04mg

Biotin: 0,04mg

Vitamin b12: 0,20ug

Amino acid profile per serving ::

Isoleucine: 313mg

Leucine: 506mg

Lysine: 445mg

Methionine: 116mg

Cysteine: 111mg

Phenylalanine: 146mg

Tyrosine: 126mg

Threonine: 394mg

Tryptophan: 121mg

Valine: 268mg

Arginine: 126mg

Histidine: 80mg

Alanine: 242mg

Aspartic acid: 597mg

Glutamic acid 996 mg

Glycine: 96mg

Proline: 328mg

Serine: 217mg

The sweetener aspartame:


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