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Beverly Nutrition CoEnzyme Q10 60caps

Beverly Nutrition CoEnzyme Q10 60caps
Firma: Beverly Nutrition
Prekės kodas: Beverly Nutrition CoEnzyme Q10 60caps
Ar turime: 20
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About the product
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a natural substance in the body that plays a vital role in the production of energy through adenosine triphosphate, making it a fundamental element for muscle growth and for maintaining good health.
  • By consuming more oxygen than sedentary people, athletes release more free radicals, therefore, it is crucial that they reduce the negative effects these unstable molecules cause.
  • Using the latest scientific innovations in the field of sports nutrition, Beverly Nutrition has created CoEnzyme Q10 High Potency, a coenzyme Q10 supplement that protects you from damage caused by free radicals and at the same time, boosts energy production.
  • The main benefits are that it improves performance, provides strong antioxidant protection and controls blood glucose.
  • Package of 60 capsules of 100 mg per capsule


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