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Beverly Nutrition HMB 2400 90caps

Beverly Nutrition HMB 2400 90caps
Firma: Beverly Nutrition
Prekės kodas: Beverly Nutrition HMB 2400 90caps
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HMB 2400 from Beverly is a muscle enhancer, it is responsible for increasing strength and endurance. Its consumption is directly involved with the way in which fats are metabolized, thanks to which it helps preserve muscle glycogen and has the capacity to improve the way in which the body adapts to the training, this aspect at the same time has a positive effect on the body, because it fights muscular atrophy. Another positive factor that offers the intake of these capsules, is the improvement of the maximum consumption of oxygen which leads to the creation of new muscle cells, but without fatty or adipose tissue. HMB is an ideal amino acid for athletes looking to increase the size of their muscles and their strength as are bodybuilders, rugby players, runners, cyclists, etc. It also reduces the amount of damage caused by extreme training and accelerates the recovery of cells.

The supplement HMB 2400 from Beverly is made from Calcium HydroxyMethyl Butyrate (HMB) 2400 mg and in combination with an appropriate training program will result in large declines in fat mass, as well as being able to lower LDL cholesterol levels without affecting HDL. The term HMB refers to an amino acid that is responsible for metabolizing proteins, it is responsible for avoiding muscle atrophy that comes after strong sessions of exercise and helps increase lean mass. This amino acid can be achieved in small amounts in some foods rich in protein content such as meat, fish, milk, some fruits and even breast milk. 


  • Enhances muscles, strength and endurance
  • Helps burn fat and create cells without adipose tissue
  • Prevents muscle catabolism that occurs after long periods of training
  • According to scientific studies does not produce side effects in the body
  • HMB consumption may result in up to 58% less cell damage in high-performance athletes
  • Minimizes physical wear after exercise
  • Helps the body to remain in the anabolic state for longer, which has a positive effect on the process of lean mass growth
  • Increases protein absorption
  • Perfect for athletes who want to increase their strength, musculature and endurance

Several studies have been carried out to analyze the results of HMB intake in the human body. These results have shown astonishing results, such as improvement of muscle recovery, aid in the minimization of physical exhaustion after having performed the exercise.

Recommended Use: You should take 3 capsules daily, one with each meal or depending on the indications of a nutritionist.

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