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RX Gold Regenerator 300g

RX Gold Regenerator 300g
Firma: RX GOLD
Prekės kodas: RX Gold Regenerator 300g
Ar turime: 10
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Recommended daily dose: dissolve 1 dose (11g) in 200ml of water or juice. 

Workout days: 2  times a day – 15 min before workout and immediately after workout. 
Non-workout days: 1 serving before bedtime.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use the product as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.  

Warnings: Children, pregnant or breastfeeding women must not take the product. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. This product is not intended for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease. Contains sweetener.

Storage: Keep the packaging tightly closed in a dry place, at the temperature of 15-25°C, out of the reach of children.

A hard physical exercise may put the body in a catabolic state where the rate of degradation of muscle proteins is greater than the rate of their repair (negative nitrogen balance). In such a case a crucial issue is to protect muscles against degradation and create optimum conditions for muscle growth.

Rx Gold Regenerator – a comprehensive pre- and post-workout formula with several benefits:

  • stops post-workout catabolism
  • stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins
  • boosts and accelerates post-workout recovery

Rx Gold Regenerator is a powerful formula containing the most effective amino acids (BCAAs and glutamine) with strong anti-catabolic and anabolic effects. They create a positive nitrogen balance and protect your muscles from catabolism. They initiate the repair and stimulate the growth of muscles and accelerate your progress.

The significance of transport – in the pre- and post-workout phase it is particularly important to ensure fast absorption of glutamine and BCAAs by muscle fibres. This is why the formula has been enriched with arginine, a substance that facilitates the transport of amino acids to muscle cells through the increase in blood flow. These soon “embark on their mission”.

Even after the hardest workout Rx Gold Regenerator will make your body ready for the next training session.

Glutamine ranks among the most powerful anti-catabolics that inhibit the degradation of proteins. It provides the body with large doses of nitrogen that inhibits the post-workout activity of catbolic hormones (in particular cortisol) and limits the activity of enzymes responsible for degradation of proteins. It is also involved in the synthesis of glutathione – one of the most powerful antioxidants that protect proteins and cell structures from the destructive effects of oxygen radicals.

BCAAs are three essential amino acids with the so-called branched chains: leucine, valine and isoleucine – in optimum proportions (2:1:1). These are exogenous substances that our body needs to receive with food. They play a crucial role in metabolic and recovery processes. They stimulate the anabolism of proteins, protect muscle fibres from the negative effects of catabolism, facilitate and accelerate fat burning.

Arginine effectively assists in the transportation and use of these substances by the muscles. It boosts the production of nitric oxide (NO) that facilitates fast and effective supply of nutrients, building blocs and growth substances to muscles through the increased flow of blood.




Active ingredients per 100 g 11 g 22 g
L-glutamine 40,91 g 4500 mg 9000 mg
BCAA of which





40,91 g





4500 mg


2250 mg

11250 mg

1125 mg

9000 mg


4500 mg

2250 mg

2250 mg

L-arginine 9,09 g 1000 mg 2000 mg



Ingredients: l-glutamine, BCAA (leucine, valine, isoleucine), l-arginine, sucralose (sweeteners), citric acid (acidity regulator), aromas, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent)

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