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Beverly Nutrition Mega L-Carnitine 3000

Beverly Nutrition Mega L-Carnitine 3000
Firma: Beverly Nutrition
Prekės kodas: Beverly Nutrition Mega L-Carnitine 3000
Ar turime: 8
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  • MEGA L-CARNITINE 3000: L-Carnitine is synthesized from two essential amino acids and its production is regulated by the energy requirement linked to aerobic metabolism.
  • In this way we can plan the training in order to ensure optimum levels of L-Carnitine in the muscle mass since at a higher level of this substance, we will obtain a greater amount of energy and improve the reduction of body fat.
  • BEVERLY NUTRITION presents a potent formula in vials that increases the organic capacity to use fats as energy source, the body's largest energy reserve.
  • A vial before starting your training and you are ready for combat.
  • Package of 20 vials

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