ActivLab Pharma VITAMIN B-COMPLEX 60 caps


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  • A set of B vitamins
  • It supports the maintenance of proper psychological functions
  • It contributes to the reduction of tiredness and weariness


Vitamin B-Complex

A set of B vitamins


  • 60 capsules

Brief characteristics:


Vitamin B-Complex Activlab Pharma is a product containing a set of B vitamins.

  • Vitamins B6, B12, biotin, niacin and thiamine support the maintenance of normal psychological functions.
  • Vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Pantothenic acid helps to maintain mental performance at the correct level.
  • Biotin supports the maintenance of the proper metabolism of macronutrients, healthy hair and skin.

How to use?

  • 1 capsule a day

Nutritional values:

Daily amount 1 capsule

Thiamin (vitamin B1)

Riboflavin (vitamin B2)


Pantothenic acid

Vitamin B6


Folic acid

Vitamin B12



3.3 mg (300% *)

4.2 mg (300% *)

48 mg (300% *)

18 mg (300% *)

4.2 mg (300% *)

150 µg (300% *)

600 µg (300% *)

7.5 µg (300% *)


* -% of the nutrient reference value


bulking agent – microcrystalline cellulose, vitamins (nicotinic acid amide, calcium D-pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin), anti-caking agent – magnesium salts – gelatine dioxide, color titanium)

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet is essential for staying healthy.

May contain derivatives of: cereals containing gluten, soy, milk.

Store at room temperature, in a dry place, in a closed container, out of the reach of small children.


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