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Ostrovit High Protein Ice Cream

  • Gluten Free
  • No Palm fat
  • An excellent source of easily digestible protein.
  • It contains no dyes, preservatives.
  • No added sugar and salt.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Great variety to your daily diet.
  • Delicious taste.
  • Until nutritious 26g protein per serving.
  • Without the addition of vegetable proteins. 

OstroVit HIGH PROTEIN ICECREAM  this ice cream powder with high protein content, with no added sugar. It’s the perfect, low-calorie and delicious dessert, which you can afford without any sacrifices. 

Base ice cream is milk protein and whey protein. Whey protein intensively supports the process of muscle growth and allows the reconstruction of the muscle fibers. Working anabolic and catabolic – it prevents breakdown of muscle tissue. Reduces fatigue and accelerates muscle recovery after training. 

Isomaltulose, which is composed of a sugar with a low glycemic index and causing spikes in blood glucose, and thus does not cause an unnecessary increase of body fat. 

OstroVit ICE CREAM HIGH PROTEIN  is a product designed especially for physically active people, who care about slim and being on a diet. This sweet dessert will check every time, when we are caught you craving for something sweet.  


What is in Ostrovit Ice Cream?

Nutritional value Portion 1 (50g) RWS% *
Energy value 929 kJ / 221.5 kcal 11%
Fat 4 g 6.5%
including saturated fatty acids 0.35 g 2%
carbohydrates 18.5 g 7%
including sugars 15.5 g 17%
Protein 26 g 52%
salt 1.5 g 25%
* RWS – Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal). 

† – daily dose was not specified in the EU



Milk protein (from milk) , whey protein concentrate (from milk) , isomaltulose, skimmed milk powder (from milk) , coconut, fiber – carboxymethylcellulose, flavor, sweetener – sucralose.

The product may contain  soy .


How to prepare Ostrovit Ice Cream?


PREPARATION two portions:  100 g (6.5 scoops) powder mixer, mix with 200 ml water. Mixing to a uniform consistency of thick cream. Freeze in the freezer about 2,5godz. Remove from the freezer half-frozen mass and mix thoroughly. Postpone the product in the freezer for about 40 min, then consumed. Tastiest structure is obtained without creating a deep freeze. 

Recommended daily dose – 50g.

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