Phase One SportShaker 700ml USA


Liko 5

100% proudly made in the USA! We only use the absolute best USA grade material for our SportShaker. Designed with your safety in mind. All of our materials are FDA Approved to ensure you have a safe and consistent product.


The SportShaker uses our patented ProBlend Technology harnessing the power of kinetic energy. Studies show that kinetic based mixing elements that blend against the flow of material provide a more effective and smoother blend than shakers with free moving mixing elements that only flow with the material.

SportShaker was founded on a simple mission, create quality American Made fitness accessories.  Our goal is to provide our loyal customers a product that is consistent in quality and truly safe to use. All of our products are made from FDA approved materials sourced 100% from the USA. We do not use any foreign materials in our products.

700 ml


Many China sourced shaker cups contain high levels of toxic chemicals and are incredibly unsafe to use on a daily basis. China factories have been known to reuse plastic that has been discarded or even swept off the factory floor. Gross!  After witnessing this first hand our founding team sought out to create a truly safe product the health & wellness industry deserves.


We also love our country with all our hearts. We want to give back to show our true support for everyone that risks their lives to keep this country great. We have created a program for every shaker cup sold we will donate a shaker to a active duty military or first responder. Show your support with us and help support this great nation we call home.


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