Pulse Oximeter LK87


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Out of stock

3in1 color display pulse oximeter


  • O LED screen
  • Easy   device  structure
  • Very   fast   measurement result
  • Beep   during   test (clock pulse)
  • Sound signal
  • Ability   to work   at high altitudes
  • Low   power   consumption   (up to   48 hours   without battery replacement ).
  • The changeable display image   is a   vertical   and   parallel version that changes at the touch of a button
  • Possibility to set individual settings
  • Easy   device operation
  • Automatic   shutdown   after 5 seconds of   inactivity
  • Battery   Performance   2 Alkaline Batteries (AAA) – (Not Included)
  • battery   charge   indicator
  • Cord for comfortable carrying

Safe medical device with CE certificate 


Measures 3 parameters

This device simultaneously measures 3 vital parameters necessary for proper monitoring of human health:

  • Oxygen concentration in the blood      called saturation from (  Spo2   35% -100%  )
  • Heart rate      (  bpmPR 25-250 bpm  )
  • The perfusion rate   (above   0.2%  ) is beneficial for people with low tissue flow and poor blood circulation.

The pulse oximeter will show how your lungs are working.  Oxygen saturation values   above 95% indicate proper lung function  . On the other hand, if they are   less than 95%, it means that there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood.  This indicates that breathing at the alveolar level is not   normal and proper  . In such situations, the patient has difficulty breathing and may need to be hospitalized.


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