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OstroVit Chalk Powder 57 g


OstroVit Chalk Powder 57 g

OstroVit Chalk Block it is nothing but magnesia in a cube. A product that will improve your grip. It is enough to break the necessary amount into smaller portions and rub it on your hands to significantly improve the grip during heavy training sessions on bars, bars or gym. This form of pressed magnesia does not spray, which is its great advantage.

Chalk Powder:

  • provides better friction
  • increases hand grip
  • eliminates sweating during training
  • dries the skin

Remember that the subsequent applications of magnesia during training must be adapted to your individual preferences, hand sweating and weather conditions, the most important of which is temperature and air humidity.

Suggested usage

Crush the required amount into smaller portions and rub into your hands.

Nutritional information


Magnesium carbonate


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